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For the love of hockey [entries|friends|calendar]

The Hockey Fan
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[21 Feb 2004|11:30am]
[ mood | amused ]

Keeping two journals has become an annoyance to me, so I'm going to re-combine my hockey journal with my regular journal, shesyourc0caine. Plus, all but one of you are already on my other lj's friends list. :)

luminaraunduli: I'm going to add you on my other journal, if that is okay.

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comfort me [20 Feb 2004|04:48pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Good News: Justin Williams said that he expects to play at tomorrow night's Bruins game.

Bad News: Bob Boughner was traded. =( First Markov, now Boughner...I need a hug. I LOVE BOUGHNER! Why are the ones I love traded?! Damn Rutherford. And, would someone please tell me who Chris Bahen is? Damn Joanna's Avs. Out of all the 'Canes trade rumors to come true...I will miss Boughner. This is so depressing. Ohh, I hate trades! Why can't we trade someone I hate? For example, Kevin Weekes. If he left, I would party. I was watching the Bruins/Flyers game *go b's!* and the commentators were saying that Boston wants Ron Francis and how wonderful of a trade that would be. Wonderful? Trading Francis would be far from wonderful! Great for Boston, bad for Carolina. Rumors, rumors, rumors....which 'Cane is next? "O"? Brind'Amour? Come on, let's trade the damn team away and start out fresh! According to The Hockey News we have no good prospects, so it wouldn't matter. Stupid THN, they know nothing. We have some good prospects.

7 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

*throws confetti* [18 Feb 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

STORR IS "GONE"! OHH YEAH! I've been waiting for this all season. Irbe might play next week from what I'm hearing. It'll be weird, but cool, to see Irbe back in a Hurricanes jersey. Welcome back Archie!

So, I hear Shayne Corson is coming out of retirement - why? Retire and stay retired. That's what Hasek should have done. I forgot what team he is signing with. I don't really care though, not like I was going to start following him. What a bum.

The Thrashers won last night! 4-1 over Montréal. Baaam. Kovalchuk, Kaberle, Heatley, and Stefan scored. Ilya must average about a goal a game. He's a machine, very exciting player to watch. I'm hopefully going to next month's Thrashers game. I'm not sure which side I'll be cheering for. I do have a month or so to decide. In the end, I'll probably cheer for the Thrashers. Heh. Usually, it comes down to which goalie I like better. Pasi owns.

I'm watching the Wings/Coyotes game tonight. Go Shane! Hahah. I don't get to watch many, if any, Coyotes games so I only know of Doan and Boucher. It's always fun to watch the elite teams get beat by teams that are said to not match-up, so I'm pulling for the Coyotes.

5 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

two whole points! [17 Feb 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I went to the Hurricanes/Panthers game last night. :) On the way to the game...you know the 'Canes billboard with Ron Francis on it? My mom usually honks when we pass it, but this time she was in her own world, so my plan was to make noise by shaking my coke bottle. Yeah, I forgot I lost the top a few minutes ago and it got in my hair, eyes, and a tiny, unnoticeable bit on my jersey. It was amusing. One of those times that you just had to be there.

I got a game day card. Kevyn Adams is on it. More stuff for the room. I think we should have a bobblehead night! I'm going to e-mail them. Hahah. I know, that was a little off-topic. But, seriously, why don't we have one? Nothing would be better than an Eric Staal bobblehead. They would probably have bobbleheads of Francis or "O", and not Staaly, but that would still be cool with me. Anyway...we walked passed one of the Storm Squad girls and I was so tempted to ask her to throw some shirts at 333, but I didn't. She was really short! She actually made me feel tall. Hahah.

We only got there 10 minutes early. Usually we are early enough to watch them warm-up before the game. Our seats were nice. Right over the goalie, as always. Section 333, Row E. 333 is where we always sit, I've just never sat in Row E. Anyway...I was looking at the game day card prior to the game and I noticed that Bob Boughner was on the roster! He's the man. Not much was said about him sitting out a few games, or his return. I read in the N&O that they thought he had some sort of knee injury. Je ne sais pas. Brindy was back!

The game was great! We scored two in the first. We actually kept a lead. I was so proud! Heh. Jeff O'Neill had a great game. And Staal, penalty? *shakes head* Goalie interference, was it not? Speaking of goalies, both Weekes and Luongo played really well. Weekes had the slighter edge 'cause of the win though. :) I was pulling for a shutout! The Panthers pulled Luongo for the 6-on-4 advantage...49.3 seconds on the clock...Kolnik shoots...no shutout. We got an empty-netter courtesy of Brind'Amour at the VERY end to get the 3-1 win. Yeah 'Canes! The Refs could have let the players fight, but the win and the Eric Staal flashback was pretty sweet. No, I did not get a shirt. You would think that I would have gotten one by now. Hahah. I'm such a dork.

The Thrashers...*shakes head* 7-2. What's with Buffalo giving people beatings lately? Geez.

brendl/o'neill picture...pricelessCollapse )

7 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

"Howard Dean skipped the democratic dinner to go to his son's hockey game" [15 Feb 2004|10:05am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Hockey, even more important than politics.

Congratulations to Sergei Fedorov! He's now the first Russian-born player to get more then 1,000 points. Trés cool. His poster is still on my wall. He is the king of great quotes, which has nothing to do with him being a great hockey player. "I feel...like a Mighty Duck." Do you really? Anyways, I found that quote to be amusing. But, yes, go Sergei!

The 'Canes lost to the Devils, Boston lost to Chi in OT, ABC switched games on me(not cool!), and JR rocks. I think Williams was just a nice dream. He seemed to get everything right. Hmm...I guess I'm calling the rest of our season a nightmare. That's not good. Hopefully, I will be going to tomorrow's Panthers game. We are supposed to get 3-6" of snow tonight. You never know though. The goalie match-up will probably be Luongo and Weekes. Hmm...I'd take Luongo over Weekes any day. What happened to recalling DesRochers from Lowell?

So, at 3 PM yesterday I started out watching the Rangers/Flyers game on ABC. I was really sick but that was an awesome game. Jeremy Roenick, I salute you! He actually came to the game. Panger interviewed him, too. How cool is that? A broken jaw and everything, still can't shut the guy up. They would show him after the Flyers scored and he would give the thumbs up. Hahah. They stopped doing that after awhile, I guess it was getting too much for the camera crew. Goal after goal after goal...I was feeling bad for Dunham. I have a soft spot for goalies. Burke was great though. Got to love him. He rocks.

When ABC switched games on me before the start of the 3rd, I was sooooo mad(not to mention confused)! Barry Melrose is such a Red Wings kiss ass, which doesn't have much to do with them switching games on me, but it is the truth. Joanna got to see her Avs beat the Wings, but I was getting into the other game. *pouts* I'm so whiny. lol. I didn't pay much attention to the game. It sounded good though. Pauvre Manny! Again, soft spot for goalies. I love Aebischer though. Glad to see him doing so well.

After that game's third period, they switched over to the short-lived Bruins/Blackhawks OT. I didn't really want to see that! *shakes head at B's*

It looks like I won't be going to Circuit City this afternoon, my mom is sick too. It's sad. Everyone, including myself, is sick! Back to hockey, I'm going to watch the Kings/Devils game. I wonder how it will be. The last time I heard about the Kings they had lost 8-3 to Buffalo. The last time I heard about the Devils....um, yeah. I pick the Devils to win this one. If I'm wrong, I'll post a picture of Sean Avery.

3 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

Ohh Markov, why did we ever trade you? [14 Feb 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Ohh, the Thrashers gave the Canucks a beating last night! 4-1. :) Not as bad as the beating Buffalo gave LA. 8-3.

Dany Heatley had a goal and an assist, and I quote "Canucks goalie Dan Cloutier attacked Ronald Petrovicky." That was from Yahoo! Sports, by the way.

``I thought about it[fighting] for a second, but yesterday our coach said that I'm a better goalie than a fighter,'' said Nurminen, still sporting welts above and below his left eye from the Wednesday night tilt.

``I think we're all embarrassed,'' Canucks captain Markus Naslund said. ``We were undisciplined. We lost our focus. That's probably the biggest difference. We didn't play our game and we let ourselves get frustrated.''

The Thrashers were held to one shot in the first period. Thank God for Pasi!

Heheh. Cute.

The 'Canes are playing the Devils right now. I believe it is scoreless. I'm actually not listening to Chuck Kaiton today. I'm watching Beverly Hills Cop, if you can believe it. lol.

Here are two Shane Doan articles for your reading pleasure:
-Good as gold
-Coyotes' Doan gets three-year extension

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Why "Strawberry"?! [13 Feb 2004|07:46pm]
[ mood | curious ]

-Hurricanes' Williams out with broken wrist

Oh joy. Ugh. Well, the Hurricanes have recalled Mike Zigomanis, Jaroslav Svoboda and Tomas Kurka. Welcome back Jaro! How aggravating...pfft.

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"The litte guys can fly" [12 Feb 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]

All in favor of kicking Doig out of the league say "Aye"! Aye. Oh my Gretzky, I can't stand him! He's the biggest bum. Do us all a favor Doig and retire. If I never have to see his face again I would be content. Anyway...I'm glad that we at least came away with a point. We really deserved the two points though. Words cannot express how much I despise the Capitals. Ooh, before I forget, congrats to Marty Murray and his wife! They just had a baby girl.

Kevyn Adams came on during the game with Tripp and Forslund. Again, cheap shot Doig injured him. I can't wait for him to get back on the ice! I am very proud of my guys for playing like they did tonight. I'm looking forward to Monday night's game against the Panthers. Lets-Go-Canes! Sam, Joanna, and I will be there to cheer'em on. Section 333. Row E.

3 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

"We kinda hit a moose...no, the moose is fine..." [11 Feb 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Heatley's 'home' game disappointing

"This hockey team, we need wins right now, and we're not getting them," Heatley said. "It's disappointing." I believe in the Thrashers! Come on guys! All hope is not gone. Ilya is still the scoring machine that we all know and adore. Spread the magic Ilya! Hahah. That made it sound like I want him to sprinkle fairy dust on the guys to get'em going, or maybe that is just my strange way of thinking. Ilya is trés magique. That reminds me, does anyone remember the Maple Leafs fan during the '02 playoffs that dressed up as a wizard and sprinkled dust on the Leafs' sticks? Wow, how odd did that sound? Hahah.

Hockey is on ESPN2 tonight at 7:30. It's the Red Wings and uhh...another team. I really wanted to watch the Ducks/Coyotes game! Damn Red Wings. They are always on.

Felix Potvin

"My favorite movie, I don't know. It's hard to pick one. Pulp Fiction and The Godfather. I just saw that movie Cabin Fever. It was horrible – so bad."

Road trip?

"The best part just trying to get some rest. The worst part is that after four or five days, you've seen all of the movies out and there's nothing else to watch. Then it gets boring."

Patrice Bergeron

"I like funny movies, so I'd have to say American Wedding. I don't really have a least favorite movie. I'm pretty easy. I usually like it, even if the story isn't that good."

Road trip?

"The best part, for me, is being able to visit the different cities. The worst part, well, there's not to many bad parts for me right now. I don't have a family or kids, so it's mostly good times for me."

5 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

Around the NHL [09 Feb 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

-Flyers trade Weinrich to St. Louis

-GM Dudley steps down as Panthers' coach

-Messier sets All-Star game assist record

NHL All-Star Weekend PicsCollapse )

3 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

Rolly the goalie [08 Feb 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I have to make this a quickie because I'm being kicked off the computer.

[+] All-Star Weekend was awesome! Staal scored in the YoungStars game and Kovalchuk scored in the All-Star game. It was just fantastic, as always.
[-] Bettman said that Raleigh would host the All-Star weekend before 2005. Yeah, he kept his promise. Pfft.

4 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

"Please turn off all cellphones, pagers, and small children" [07 Feb 2004|09:47am]
[ mood | amused ]

Picture of The DayCollapse )

I saw "Miracle" last night. It was awesome! The showing I went to was all sold out, so I thought that was pretty cool. What a great way to kick off All-Star Weekend. Which leads me to my next topic, 8pm.ESPN.Be sure to watch. Yay for Staal - and everyone else, but most importantly for the only 'Cane in St.Paul, Staal!

The '05 All-Star Weekend is scheduled to be in ATL. Road trip! Hahah. I still think we should have gotten the All-Star game, but yeah. xp We have the Draft, which I'm going to/looking forward to.

By the way, I guess I should explain the subject of this post. You know how someone that works at the theatre welcomes you before the movie begins? Well, I'm justing quoting her. I found it to be rather amusing. Hahah.

*Sharks' Wilson to coach USA in World Cup

7 short-handed goals _/.\_ he shoots, he scores

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